About Us

I began screen printing in 1994 at the Ontario College of Art and Design where I received my BD. in Surface Design. For years I printed clothing for women and men; that is until my daughter came along in 2005 and changed everything. We started calling her our "little monkey" and with that Monkey Business Clothing inc. was born as well!

While I was on mat leave with my daughter I decided to resurrect my old screens from college and print a few dresses for her. They were a big success and soon I was printing dresses for my friendís daughters and eventually decided to start a company. At the same time I was discovering the benefits of yoga and the comfort of yoga wear. All the designs for my new company would become influenced by yoga wear as I wanted to dress my daughter as comfortable as possible. The company became an amalgamation of my love for my daughter, my love for screen printing and my love for yoga.

I do my printing differently than most other companies. I print after the fabric has been cut but before it has been sewn. This allows for optimum print surface area. Unlike other printed clothing lines; I am able to create unique designs which contour and move around the piece of clothing.

I have always loved the way that different colours and shapes react against one another when layered together to create images all their own. I apply each screen by hand and most colours are hand mixed; that is why no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

I hope your child enjoys wearing Monkey Business Clothing as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

Tobie Loukes, Owner and Designer